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about Daniel

The long road.

If I could wish for one thing, it would be that I found this path sooner. My journey to, not just becoming a web developer, but also having the passion for it that I do, has been a long and challenging one.

Growing up, I wanted to be a medical doctor because I wanted to help people, then I found out I was squeamish about certain things - not at all good for that profession. Then my focus switched to more practical things and I was fortunate to study Electronic Engineering. I thought I'd be a network engineer shortly after graduation, but before I graduated, that dream died a subtle death.

Anyway, my career path has been a sort of roller-coaster of working in different fields, and for short periods of time - mainly circumstantial - but at a point I had an epiphany and I've been working quite hard since then (and still am)... my aspiration: to grow, grow, and grow as a web/application developer.

I believe passion and heart is quintessential for many things in life - such as career choices. Unfortunately, a lot of us in life were not really helped to realise that.

Daniel Amazigo

Daniel Amazigo

Web Developer

gadget & tech aficionado; likes cool ads, functional fashion; still don't know what my favourite food is.

...this was when I still didn't want to wear glasses.

To see more about my web development history, and other experiences, view the CV section on the homepage or click/tap below to download my CV.

My web development guidelines…

The big picture

Keeping the original intent of the project in mind, ensuring I understand what the client wants and seeing the big picture.

User experience is key

About understanding the potential users, and creating a user-friendly website, and experience. 

Writing smarter code

Every line of code has a purpose. This is more about trying to consistently write purposeful code - easier to manage and understand.


No one can truly be a one-man army. So, I'm reminded to reach out for help when I need it.

Incremental development

Better to get many 'little' or smaller features to work within a timeline, first, than to be held up by one big feature. Agile development.  

Not looking too far into the future

Futuristic thinking is good, but not at the expense of what the website or project needs today. 


Making sure everything done in the development phase is such that they can be tested, and subsequently, would pass testing - be it the code or site build... or whatever.

Attention to detail

Not missing out things that can be easily overlooked - like typography, spelling(!), colours and so on.

Projects I like to work on.

Types of projects I'm interested in working on include:


Functional & good-looking responsive, cross-platform & cross-browser websites.


Web projects that involve a high level of user experience design - for a more satisfactory user experience.


Working on the UI/UX part of mobile web app development.

Where I'd like to work?

  • - with cool, passionate people
  • - and where I'll get to work on cool ideas and projects

Questions or anything?

Daniel Amazigo
Web Developer